Lohmann Animal Health attaches great importance to research and development. The company believes that even the best can be improved still further. Scientists in Lohmann Animal Health’s own laboratories work to optimise the range of intelligently-designed products. In addition, in many cases, they co-operate closely with well-recognised specialists and institutes to ensure the highest scientific standards and technologies are achieved. Over the years, this has led to a broad selection of innovative products and enabled the company to evolve into one of the world’s leading suppliers of poultry vaccines.

Lohmann Animal Health's live Salmonella vaccines not only help animals stay healthy, but also play a major role in protecting consumers – vaccination effectively reduces the transmission of salmonella bacteria through the food chain.

With its US product range, Lohmann Animal Health is leader in breeder vaccines designed to protect breeding stock and their offspring from infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, REO and infectious bursal disease (IBD). The range includes both bursa-derived and tissue culture inactivated IBD vaccines. Talk to us about protecting your breeding stock. Ask about AviPro 226 BTO2-REO or AviPro 401 ND-IB-IBD-REO.

Additionally, Lohmann Animal Health International is the sole manufacturer of several products for specialty industries and diagnostic laboratories. Lohmann Animal Health International provides turkey breeder inactivated vaccines for NDV and PMV3. The pigeon breeders rely on our Pigeon Pox and inactivated PMV-1 products. Furthermore, Lohmann Animal Health International is the remaining supplier of Pullorum Testing Antigen for laboratories and breeders to test birds through the NPIP programme.

Lohmann Animal Health is committed to the continued expansion and development of its product lines to meet the needs of the dynamic poultry industry worldwide.

Lohmann Animal Health's intensive research endeavours have given rise to a host of innovative and unique products, including live salmonella vaccines and the world’s first vaccine against Chicken Anaemia Virus (CAV).


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