Egg-Drop-Syndrome (EDS) is a viral disease of chickens and quails caused by an adenovirus.
The disease is characterised by a severe drop in egg production as well as the production of shell-less, thin-shelled, discoloured or misshapen eggs in apparently healthy birds.

Ducks and geese are the natural host of the EDS virus. It was first described in chickens in the 1970s and was spread all over the world except to the United States and Canada. The disease is most severe in broiler breeders and brown egg layers. White layer lines are less affected.

Vertical transmission via the egg is the most common way of transmission (both the interior and exterior of the egg contain virus). Also horizontal transmission through faeces, contaminated egg trays, crates and trucks plays a role in the infection route.

The infection of chickens cause a severe drop in egg production (in naïve chicks between 10% - 40%) and the production of soft-shelled, colourless or shell-less eggs.

The birds usually do not show any other signs of disease and mortality is not expected. There is no successful treatment of the disease. Active immunisation of the chickens should be obtained by vaccination with an inactivated vaccine prior to lay.

Vaccines against Egg Drop Syndrome:

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